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Newsletter I | 2019 - 18 February 2019 | ehp-magazine.com

Dear reader of the EuroHeat&Power magazine,

The current issue of EuroHeat&Power magazine is dealing with important topics from the fields of generation, DHC networks and consumer installations, such as “Performance of Overground Hot Water Stores”, “Thermal Conductivity of  Pre-insulated Twin Pipes” and last but not least “Simplified Hydraulic Balance”. Find out more about this in the following.

Dr. Wolfgang Boehmer, Editor-in-Chief

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Future of District Heating

After the 6th successful edition of the DHC+ Summer School, the DHC+ Team is about to start focusing on the 7th edition! Before launching the new edition, let’s take some time to have a look at the format and content of the previous edition.

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Magic threshold exceeded: lowest lambda value of 0.0199 W/mK

Over the last ten years, Brugg Pipesystems has managed to reduce continually the lambda value of its CALPEX pipe systems through intensive research and development work. Thanks to the newly developed process technology from CALPEX PUR-KING, the leading provider of heating and service water systems has succeeded in reducing the thermal conductivity of CALPEX pipes to a lambda value of λ 0.0199 W/mK

Performance of Overground Hot Water Stores

Hot water stores represent an integral part of heating systems. A new store design offers numerous benefits compared to currently at the market available storage technologies, in particular pressure vessels and conventional flat-bottom tanks. This paper delivers first results regarding the performance of a demonstrator with the new design, which is basically a small-scale tank with a volume of approx. 100 m³.

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+++ NEW starting in March 2019 +++


energie.de starts in March 2019 with a relaunch and a new concept with advantages for readers and advertisers.

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Thermal Conductivity of Pre-insulated Twin Pipes

Metrological determination of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation in pre-insulated twin pipes has been prevented yet, caused by the more complex geometry of twin pipes compared to single pipes. Now a method has been developed for metrological determination of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation in pre-insulated twin pipes within a government-funded research project.

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ULTDH Substation for Multi Apartment Building

Ultra-low temperature district heating (ULTDH) substations may be an important enabler for integrating higher shares of renewables and waste heat in the district heating (DH) network. This article describes a concept and experimental field results for producing domestic hot water (DHW) in a multi apartment building at DH supply temperatures of approx. 45 °C.

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Energy-saving Use of Steam in Stainless Steel Production

An international company uses an enormous amount of energy in the production of stainless steel – especially during steam generation. How can steam be utilized economically and unused surpluses avoided? Through a steam-water heat transfer station the heat of the surplus steam is transferred to the water in two stationary heat exchangers, which is then available as hot water for further use.

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Simplified Hydraulic Balance

The number of control components in many heating systems could be reduced to save energy. Based on an example, the following article explains the disadvantages of systems operated with differential pressure regulating valves and circulation pumps and outlines the advantages of a control with ejectors.

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EuroHeat&Power Issue I | 2019 - 18 February 2019

Topics (example): 
    6th & 7th International DHC+ Summer School - Future of District Heating

    Performance of Overground Hot Water Stores 

    Metallic Sealing High Performance Press Fittings Accelerate the Pipeline Construction 

    ULTDH Substation for Multi Apartment Building


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