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Dear reader of the EUROHEAT&POWER magazine,

Nothing is more constant than change. This is true for both the district heating industry and for its trade journal – EUROHEAT&POWER. The trade journal has always closely accompanied the progress of the district heating community constantly updating its range of topics. This cutting edge of the trade journal is now also clear at first glance: EUROHEAT&POWER now comes in a new, modern layout.

Silke Laufkoetter, Editor-in-Chief

European DHC Community Committed to Decarbonisation

In a statement released by the European district heating industry, the sector promises that “we will relentlessly pursue the full decarbonisation of district heating and cooling networks in Europe before 2050”. This “Vision 2050” was presented and discussed by Euroheat & Power at the “Vision 2050 – Decarbonising District Energy For Our Cities” conference on 1 October in Brussels.

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Visual District Heating Analyses: Intuitive Data Preparation

Despite meticulous planning and modelling, district heating networks are often a great unknown in real life. Where are the network's weak points and how long does it take until the heat energy reaches the customer? The cloud-based SAM DISTRICT ENERGY platform can answer these questions by preparing and visualizing data. The heat map shows data points with their color matching their current value.

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Stochastic Model of DH Load Pattern of Residential Buildings

For realistically modelling the residential heat load request for space heating and hot water the authors define a suitable two step stochastic model. The proposed methodology allows to predict the daily heat load profiles and the corresponding confidence intervals during the heating season.

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Evaluation of Potential in Heat Pump-based New DH Systems

The paper presents a framework for calculating shallow geothermal energy potential and method for identification of economically viable new district heating areas. Due to its high level of potential examination, the framework can be used on either national or local level and directly for decision-making processes, actions plans and local energy concepts. 

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The New Energy Efficiency Directive: Consumer Empowerment?

By the end of December 2018 an amendment of the Energy Efficiency Directive entered into force. The amendment targets increased energy efficiency and consumer protection. To what extent are consumer rights strengthened and what does this for the District Heating and Cooling utilities mean? The author gives answers.

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Renewable Energy Directive Targets to Decarbonise Heat Markets

The revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED) established a new binding renewable energy target of at least 32% by 2030. The share of renewable energy in the supply of heating and cooling is required to increase by 1.1-1.3% per year. The effects of the RED for district heating, the author describes in the following.

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Current Issue: EUROHEAT&POWER III - IV/2019

  • DHC + Student Awards
    Young Researchers Paving the Road to Low Carbon Energy Future

  • District Cooling
    Time to Question the Low Temperatures in District Cooling Systems

  • DHC Networks
    Electrical Flexibility Potential of Hybrid Industrial Networks in Germany

  • Energy Markets
    Lithuanian District Heating Celebrates its 80th Anniersary

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